Feb. 28th, 2012

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Here's what I read in February:

02/04/2012     33 ⅓: Zaireeka by Mark Richardson

02/05/2012    Toyman by E.C. Tubb
02/08/2012    33 ⅓: The Who Sell Out by John Dougan
02/10/2012    33 ⅓: Pet Sounds by Jim Fusilli
02/10/2012    The Yellow Cabochon (na) by Matthew Hughes
02/11/2012    Hastur Lord by Marion Zimmer Bradley & Deborah J. Ross
02/12/2012    Kalin by E.C. Tubb
02/13/2012    Phallos (na) by Samuel R. Delany
02/14/2012    The Space-Born by E.C. Tubb
02/15/2012    Exile’s Song by Marion Zimmer Bradley & Adrienne Martine-Barnes
02/17/2012    The Stress of Her Regard (audiobook) by Tim Powers
02/20/2012    Space: 1999: Born for Adversity by David A. McIntee
02/25/2012    The Shadow Matrix by Marion Zimmer Bradley & Adrienne Martine-Barnes
02/25/2012    A Time to Cast Away Stones (na) by Tim Powers
02/28/2012    Space: 1999: Resurrection (audiobook) by William Latham

Started out the month reading some of the 33
series of monographs on "classic" albums. The book on Flaming Lips' Zaireeka was a fun read, especially considering I've never listened to the album as intended (it comes on 4 CDs and you're supposed to cue up the 4 disks on 4 CD players to play simultaneously, so the final mixdown happens in your living room. Or something like that.) The other 2 33 books are about albums I've listened to literally thousands of times. No new insights really, but it was fun reading along while listening.

Two Space: 1999 titles. Resurrection is the first book Powys published. It's pretty dire. Fanfic -- and not good fanfic at that. McIntee's Born for Adversity was lots lots better. It's the first Space: 1999 book I'd actually recommend to someone who's not a die-hard fan of the show.

A trio of Darkover books -- I'm reading all the "Modern" Darkover titles again in preparation for a new book (by Deborah J. Ross) that's supposed to be out later this year. This was my third attempt to read The Shadow Matrix and I finally got through it. It's awful, but at least now I can say I've read every Darkover novel. Yay...?

Three E.C Tubb titles. The first two were books 3 & 4 in the Dumarest of Terra series. The third was an interesting take on life aboard a "generation" ship, written in the mid-'50's. It might have been an influence on Logan's Run.

I came down with a miserable sinus cold early in thew month -- that's how I was able to read a book a day for a week or so -- I was doing nothing but blow my nose and read on my Nook. One of the books I read that week was Delany's Phallos, which is really something you have to experience. It's allegedly a review/summary/academic treatise on a nonexistent gay porn novel from 1969. Delany is awesome. He has a new book coming in the next couple months.

The Stress of Her Regard and A Time to Cast Away Stones are related works by Tim Powers (they're also related to The Anubis Gates). Powers's forthcoming Hide Me Among the Graves is related to all three, so I'm getting ready for that as well.

The Matthew Hughes is his latest
Luff Imbry novella, published as a small stand-alone hardcover. Wonderful, if expensive for the word count. Hughes has 2 novels coming out in the next few months (One is a gaming tie-in under the pseudonym "Hugh Matthews" he uses for tie-in writing.) I'm detecting a pattern that I wasn't conscious of during the month, reading books to get ready for new books coming in the next few months. I'm weird like that.

There's one more day in the month, but I know I won't finish anything else by tomorrow. I've wrapped up a bunch of reading "projects" this month, and I fully intend on getting back to Trek soon. Typhon Pact, DTI and the latest from Ward (e-bought just today) and Cox are all begging for my attention. March may just be their month!


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