Apr. 1st, 2012

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So, after posting yesterday, John and I went to 24 Hour for our workouts. We finished within 5 minutes of each other, did some hot tub/steam time.

Came home and lounged around for a couple hours before heading out for dinner & a show with Jenna & Erika, two of my best friends. Erika and I met years ago when I worked for Chase (aka EvilBank.) They're both graduating from the UofU Law School in May, so we haven't seen much of them for the past couple years -- and won't see much of them between now and July, when they sit for the bar exam. Erika has a job at a local firm lined up, but before that starts she had a clerkship with a judge for a year. Jenna is starting a firm with a couple friends for law school. I'm so proud of them!

We ate at The Bayou, which has the most extensive selection of beers in the state. I, of course, was drinking vodka/cranberry... hehe! After dinner we walked across State Street to The State Room, a really nice, intimate performance space, to see Amy Ray. Jenna & Erika & Ron & I have seen Indigo Girls two or three times in the past, so we wanted to check out Amy's solo show.

She has a good, young band, and I was startled not once but TWICE when Amy introduced, first the bass player, and later the lead guitarists, and it became clear both were women. I had assumed they were 20-ish boys... Heh.

The show started off promisingly, with 4 straight, upbeat power pop numbers. "This is a power pop band!" I exclaimed to Ron. Yeah, well, not so much for everything that came after... Lots if Melissa Etheridge/Bonnie Raitt-style blues rock, which doesn't really do it for me. But it was a nice show, and all was well when we headed home about midnight.

We were heading south on West Temple, approaching the freeway on-ramp. At the 800 South intersection, two 20-somethings heading north in an aging Nissan Altima made a left turn directly in front of us. John was driving (because, well, vodka/cranberry!) with me in the passenger seat and Ron sitting behind the driver. John tried braking and swerving, but to no avail. We took off their front bumper, deploying their airbags. My car (a 2010 Hyundai Sonata, which I bought in November, 2010, so it's only 16 months old. It barely has 14,000 miles) didn't get it as bad -- no airbags in my car -- but it's still pretty bad, mostly driver's side front end and quarter panel.. Nobody was hurt -- we all had seatbelts on -- but I worry that Ron's neck might be further screwed up by the impact. I'll keep an eye on him for the next few days.

"I didn't even see you!" exclaimed the dazed driver as we pushed his hulk out of the middle of the intersection. Well, if you hadn't been looking down TEXTING you might've seen me... Anyway, by the time the SLCPD FINALLY showed up to take the accident report, he and his buddy had cooked up a story -- they had a green arrow! Of course! Well, no you didn't, because the light at that intersection only cycles red-yellow-green at that time of the night. The officer observed the light cycle through several times to confirm NO GREEN ARROW, but he still didn't cite the other driver. DAMMIT! He did suggest we could call the city and confirm that there are no green arrows at that intersection at midnight, so we might have to do some legwork to make sure he ends up at fault. Since he totally was.

So, it was a shitty end to a pretty great Saturday. How's your weekend?


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